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The neo solution

neo360 is the most comprehensive harm reduction monitoring and reporting solution available. neo360 is used in thousands of locations by thousands of users every day, helping them to improve the outcomes and prospects of all their service users.


Alcohol Assessments

neo360 Alcohol Assessments is a user defined module that allows the service to create bespoke or standard alcohol assessments.

Key Features

  • Client demographics
  • How the service was accessed
  • Initial and Full assessments
  • Brief interventions
  • Electronic referrals to specialist services


Antiretroviral Therapy

neo360 Antiretroviral Therapy module allows services to quickly and efficiently record a service users attendance at supervision locations and provides electronic alerts following non-attendance.

Key Features

  • Client demographics
  • Any number of antiretroviral regimes
  • A services user’s attendance
  • What antiretrovirals were supervised
  • Details of antiretrovirals taken home
  • Non-attendance for supervisions
  • Service user No Longer in Service
  • Email Alerts to managers regarding service user Non-Attendance


Assessment of Injecting Risk

A comprehensive assessment of injecting risk developed in conjunction with Scottish Health Boards

Key Features

  • A current list of substances used and their route of administration
  • Naloxone status
  • Frequency of Injecting
  • Where injected and needles used at each location
  • Preparation of drugs for injection
  • Preparations for injecting
  • Hand and injection site cleaning
  • Acidifier usage
  • Water usage
  • Needle reuse
  • Batch preparation and sharing
  • BBV testing


Blood Borne Virus (BBV) Monitoring

The neo360 BBV module allows users to schedule BBV blood tests for their clients, record blood results, arrange appointment for the results to be communicated, arrange onward referrals to specialist services if tests are positive.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive risk factor assessment including;

Injecting Drug Use

Sexual History



Blood Transfusions

Blood Factor Recipient

Accidental / Occupational / Assault risks

  • Service User Demographics
  • BBV Tests taken; venepuncture, dried blood spot etc
  • Test results
  • Hepatitis B vaccination and history
  • Onward referrals to specialist services
  • Clinic and appointment details



The COPD module is a comprehensive tool which provides Harm Reduction services with the ability to assess, record, monitor and, if required, refer clients with respiratory symptoms for specialist treatment.

Key Features

  • Make and record a comprehensive respiratory history and current status
  • Assess compatibility of client for respiratory assessment
  • Record and analyse spirometry when indicated
  • Record outcomes
  • Record sputum analysis
  • Refer to specialist services if required


Click – Deliver or Collect (C-DOC)

Allow users who are ill or self isolating to securely order their equipment on line for delivery to an address of their choice.

Key Features

  • Completely web based
  • Totally secure
  • User defined data collection
  • User defined opening and closing times
  • Only solution where postal transactions are stored within neo360
  • Orders automatically passed to your chosen order fulfilment and delivery service
  • Local or national implementation



The neo360 Compliance module gives system administrators / commissioners the ability to electronically request its service providers acceptance of Service Level Agreements, policies and procedures or any other user defined document.

Key Features

  • Create any number of compliance statements e.g. acceptance of a Service Level Agreement
  • Embed documents, images or web addresses in the compliance statements
  • Set timescales for agreeing to statements
  • Restrict access, to neo360, of users who do not acknowledge compliance statements


Drug Poisoning Database

The neo360 Drug Poisoning Database (DPD) assists Harm Reduction Services in identifying the root causes of fatal and non-fatal drug poisoning incidents, with the intention of reducing future incidents.

Key Features

  • Request information from any service that may have had contact with the victim
  • Compile comprehensive histories from each service
  • Arrange multidisciplinary reviews
  • Record Coroners conclusions
  • Distribute findings to all stake holders


Harm Reduction Database Wales

The Harm Reduction Database Wales is the name of neo360 in Wales.
neo360 has a national agreement with Public Health Wales for the monitoring of the following, in all participating services across Wales…

Key Features

  • Needle Exchange
  • Naloxone
  • Long Acting Reversible Contraception
  • Drug Poisonings
  • Blood Borne Virus Testing


Influenza Vaccination Recording

The neo360 Influenza Vaccination modules allows services to keep comprehensive records of service user vaccinations.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive service user searching
  • Service user demographics
  • User defined time limits between vaccinations
  • Service user consent
  • User defined eligibility criteria
  • Vaccine details including, batch numbers, expiry date, injection site.


Invoicing and Payments for Service Provision

neo360 gives administrators the ability to generate claims for all services provided by their pharmacy partners.

Key Features

  • User defined payment criteria
  • Claims per service user transaction
  • Claims per service users per month
  • Electronic transfer of claims data to finance systems
  • Consolidated Invoicing

neo360 pay pharmacies directly

The service is presented with a single invoice for all service provision



neo360 allows services to record every aspect of naloxone provision.

Key Features

  • Record client contact details
  • Record referral details including, name and contact details of referrer, BBV status, opiate use, overdose history and risk behaviours
  • Create user defined Naloxone training packages
  • Record date, location of Naloxone training along with the contact details of the trainer
  • Record external Naloxone training and proof of training
  • Record client consent
  • Record Naloxone supply details including date of supply, the Naloxone kit supplied, Naloxone batch numbers and expiry dates, prescriber, reasons for resupply, where, when and to whom the Naloxone was administered
  • Automated recalls for re training, Naloxone batch recalls and out of date Naloxone
  • Comprehensive histories all Naloxone activity


Needle Exchange

neo360 provides comprehensive functionality that allows services to create any number of unique needle exchanges to cater for all types of exchange provision.

Key Features

  • Users define all aspects of needle exchange functionality including equipment and client demographics
  • As anonymous as the service wants it to be
  • Record all items given to and returned by clients
  • Facility to retrospectively enter needle exchange transactions
  • Facility to enter aggregate needle exchange transactions
  • Comprehensive stock management and automated equipment ordering
  • For all clients record BBV, needle and paraphernalia sharing status, demographic, referral and drug taking history
  • Needle exchange and client diaries
  • Record client progress notes
  • News and alerts
  • Comprehensive histories of every presentation and needle exchange transaction



Perhaps the most overlooked feature of many electronic systems is reporting.
No matter how good the user facing functionality is, if you can’t quickly and efficiently generate reports then there is little point in using it. neo360 has been designed with management reporting as a primary requirement with hundreds of standard reports with thousands of variations.

Key Features

  • Client based reports
  • Service based reports
  • Activity based reports
  • Custom bespoke reports
  • User defined date ranges
  • Comprehensive data filtering
  • Export all reports to screen or .csv
  • Data extracts to feed service data warehouses
  • All accessed via the web, anytime.


Secure Video Consultations

The neo360 VC module provides users with the ability to schedule, invite and conduct a wide range of easy to use on-line consultations with clients located anywhere and using many different types of devices – such as a smart phone, tablet or PC – providing users have an internet connection, a web browser, camera and a microphone resident on that device.

Key Features

  • Invite clients from within neo360 by text message and/or email
  • Client just clicks on link within invite to join at the arranged time
  • No App download required
  • Other parties can be invited to the same call (Doctor, Carer, Family Member, etc)
  • Virtual Waiting Room and untraceable, secure, one-time use virtual Consultation Room
  • Users have their own on-line diary showing scheduled appointments
  • Encrypted video and audio call


Stock Management & Ordering

neo360 provide services with a complete stock management and electronic ordering solution;

Key Features

  • Maintain stock levels for every individual item or pack
  • Set maximum and minimum stock levels for any item or pack
  • Traffic light warnings on the transaction screen highlighting items that are approaching minimum stock level
  • Inform you supplier automatically via email that you require new stock
  • Automatically E order new stock direct from your supplier
  • Full audit trail of all stock control transactions
  • Allow your supplier to pro-actively monitor stock in your service


Supervised Consumption / Opiate Replacement

neo360 allows services to record the supervision of any medications.

Key Features

  • Users define all aspects of supervised consumption functionality
  • Record all supervised drugs including dose and prescriber
  • Facility to retrospectively enter supervised consumption transactions
  • Supervised consumption log, enter months’ worth of supervisions for a client in one go.
  • Record service users that have missed supervisions
  • Record service uses who have dropped out of service
  • Automated alerts emailed to manages when service users miss supervisions or leave the service
  • Comprehensive histories of every presentation and supervised consumption transaction


Supervised Injecting

The Supervised Injecting module allows you to manage and monitor your entire supervised injecting service.

Key Features

  • Service dashboard showing

How many clients you have waiting

How long they have been waiting for

The number of booths available

The number of occupied and empty booth

Any user services allocated to a booth, such as curtains, disabled access, sink etc

How many clients are in the chill out room


  • The module also allows you to record details such as;

OD history of the client

Service user alerts and flags

Fentanyl testing

Peer assistance details

Drugs supervised and route of administration

Any emergency treatments given

Clinical histories

Discharge and referral details



neo360 Ltd provides services with a comprehensive online survey service.

Key Features

  • Completely managed service, give neo360 your paper-based survey and we will do the rest
  • 20 + question types
  • Advanced logic and actions
  • Multiple channels
  • Complete surveys on and offline
  • Real time results
  • Comprehensive reporting


User Defined Enhanced Services

The neo360 Enhanced Services module allows the user to create and monitor any number of enhanced services, for any number of commissioners, for any number of locations.

Key Features

  • User defined commissioners with specify PO and contract numbers for accurate invoicing
  • Create any number of enhanced service protocols and embed user defined policy and procedure guidance
  • Create any number of tasks or instructions for an enhanced service
  • All tasks or instructions are linked to a commissioner
  • Each task or instruction can be gender and or age specific
  • User defined aged related warnings for any task or instruction
  • User defined fee allocated to each task or instruction
  • Create up to three levels of dependency for each task e.g. in order to provide OTC Meds the Pharmacist must first conduct an assessment and then check for any allergies
  • Comprehensive invoicing, direct to commissioners, for all enhanced services undertaken
  • Comprehensive reporting on enhanced service activity


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